After extensive research, Hana has chosen 3D lipo ultimatepro medical grade, non-surgical body sculpting technology to help you achieve your body goals.

Pop in to discuss your exact needs as the programme is always customised and personalised to you.

Using 4 pain-free processes, cavitation, skin-tightening, fat freezing and shockwave drainage, the therapy should reduce inches in just one session.

For better results, take advantage of our special offer – 8 sessions for just £800.

Hana is also an expert masseuse, smoothing out painful areas with her healing hands.

Body treatments, body sculpting and massage

3D lipo ultimatepro is latest medical grade programme designed to get rid of stubborn fat pockets, cellulite and loose skin, without surgery or downtime. It combines 4 effective and complimentary treatments – fat freezing, ultrasound cavitation, radio frequency skin tightening and shockwave drainage.

One treatment is £150 with all elements, and will result in measurable changes – but we recommend 8 for lasting results.

There’s a special offer of £800 for 8 treatments, so book now and see measurable results from the first treatment.

  • 3-D lip ultimatepro non-surgical body sculpting, 4 treatments in one – ultrasound, radiofrequency, shockwave lymphatic drainage and fat freezing, 60min > £150
  • Special offer: recommended 8 sessions 3-D lip ultimatepro non-surgical body sculpting, 4 treatments in one – fat freezing, ultrasound, radiofrequency and shockwave lymphatic drainage, > £80

Best for overall inch loss and circumference reduction, and body contouring, and cellulite reduction:

  • Cavitation and ultrasound fat reduction, 30 minutes > £75
  • Radio frequency (skin tightening and fat melting), 30 minutes >  £75
  • Shockwave (cellulite reduction and lymphatic drainage), 10 minutes > £60

Signature treatments:

  • Bingo wings, tightening and reducing underarm treatment, 45 minutes > £110
  • Thigh gap, leg treatment, 45 minutes > £110

  • Body exfoliation and tanning, 75min > £60
  • Deep-tissue massage, 60min > £78
  • Deep-tissue massage, 30min > £45
  • Sport massage, 60min > £80