We’ve just launched our bespoke HIFU skin tightening technology and Hydrofacials, a three-in-one innovation in facial care.


We’re more aware of our looks than ever in an age of social media and selfies.  Luckily making the most of what we’ve got is easier as effective treatments are developed. You can be sure that anything Hana suggests is personalised to you, evidence-based and safely administered.

We’ve added 2 new, hi-tech facial treatments to our service. 3D hydrofacial helps with all kinds of issues from acne to scarring, freshness to anti-aging. Come in and find out how we can help you now.

3D HIFU is a tried and tested ultrasound facial treatment that boosts collagen for up to one year from one treatment. There’s no downtime and it starts working immediately. Works well with other facial treatments too, such as CACI and hydrofacials.

The 3D hydrofacial provides a complete solution to many skin concerns, including dryness, ageing, loose skin, dullness and congestion.

A combination of advanced technologies provide hydration, oxygenation, cleansing, anti-ageing, brightening, tightening and toning. Relieving congrestion helps with clarity.

You’ll find a brighter, glowing and more youthful you when you look in the mirror.

Time defence express facial, 30 minutes > £60
Time defence deep cleansing facial, 60 minutes > £100
Defence plus facial, 90 minutes > £150

Brightening facial, best for treatment sun damaged skin, pigmentation, and dull complexion:

  • Brightening plus facial, 90 minutes > £175
  • Brightening express facial, 30min > £60

Our clear skin facial is best for treating congested skin, acne and redness, and can be suitable younger skin:

  • Clear skin plus facial, 60 minutes > £125

Start your HIFU journey today to treat and prevent facial lines. Just one treatment lasts for up to one year – gradually improving collagen production and freshening your face. Can help with sun damage, give you a more youthful appearance and soften already existing lines.

  • HIFU full face and neck > £900
  • HIFU lower face > £450

CACI stands for Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument and was originally developed by Dr Thomas Wing to help a facial paralysis condition called Bell’s Palsy. The treatment uses LED light therapy combined with a micro-current to stimulate collagen and tighten the muscles for a long-lasting anti-aging effect. Clients who have experienced the treatment in the West End, believe Hana’s patience, expertise and personal care mean that CACI at Wellbeing W14 stands out for effectiveness and personalised treatment.

  • CACI anti-ageing facial, 90min > £100
  • Super non-surgical facial, 60min > £75