The emphasis these days is on the face-framing qualities of our eyebrows, and a quick but long-lasting fix is to have them tinted darker. The ends of our eyelashes are transparent, which is why mascara appears to elongate them. Tinting eyelashes has the same effect, but semi-permanent. Curling your eyelashes via a gentle perm opens up the eyes even more. Perfect before a holiday or honeymoon.


Hana will tint your eyelashes for a semi-permanent mascara effect that is perfect for holidays and other times you don’t want to be bothered with make-up. Have your eyebrows shaped and tinted to frame your eyes perfectly.

  • Eyelash and eyebrow tint 45min > £30
  • Eyelash tint 25 min > £18
  • Eyebrow tint 10min > £12
  • Eyebrow shaping 15min > £18